Teleco Hub

Teleco HUB

The ideal interface for using your smartphone to control your camper or caravan by means of a simple app.

It operates via Bluetooth when nearby and via SMS from distance. Operation via Bluetooth is completely free of charge, whereas controlling via SMS requires the installation of a Micro SIM Card in the Teleco HUB box

Close the FlatSat Antenna remotely to prevent sudden gusts of wind from damaging it or activate the antenna to align it with a Satellite (Bluetooth only)



Turn the Air Conditioner on or off, both for cooling or heating, so that the vehicle is a comfortable temperature when you return to it.



Turn the TIG Generator on or off so that you always have 230v electricity available, or to recharge the battery.



Turn Lights on or off. Check the temperature inside the vehicle, the battery level, drinking or waste water levels, or even whether the door or rooflight are open or closed,


Alarm system with receipt of SMS in the event that someone starts your vehicle.  Activation on your smartphone of system to track your vehicle using Google Maps.  SIM card installed in vehicle must allow internet navigation. 


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