FlatSat Skew System

The FlatSat Skew Easy Smart System comes with an Automatic Skew LNB.  Using a GPS chip the system automatically rotates the LNB into the maximum signal strength position.  This feature is especially important for customer that travel West to East and vice versa across Europe.  Due to the Geo-Stationary orbit of the Satellites that transmit Televison/Radio Signals it is necessary to adjust the lnb either clockwise or anti-clockwise to compensate for signal loss due to the curvature of the Earth.  On Teleco Systems without Auto-Skew this can be done manually.

SMART  (patent pending) is a function that makes watching television even simpler.  No longer do you have to worry which Satellites are transmitting your favourite channels.  With the system turned on simply select a programme on the Satellite Receiver or Television and the antenna will automatically track to the satellite that is transmitting it in a matter of seconds.  For this feature to function you must have a Satellite Receiver or Televisions featuring the DiSEqc function, for example all Teleco 2014 models.

The FlatSat Skew Easy Smart system is now even easier to use thanks to a newly designed Control Panel, this means the system can be operated using only 2 buttons.

Once Searching the FlatSat Skew Easy Smart usually takes up to 60 seconds to lock on to the selected Satellite, this even includes the minor adjustments that are made to ensure you get the maximum signal strength and thus the best possible picture wherever you are.

The Teleco FlatSat Skew Easy Smart is available in 2 dish sizes, 85cm and 65cm as shown below.  Depending on where you wish to visit and also what you want to watch determines what size dish you should go for. All dish sizes have the option to come with a Twin LNB.  Twin LNB's are useful should you wish to have 2 televisons that you can watch programmes independently or alternatively you have a receiver that you can pause/record live tv on.

All FlatSats come with a replaceable mounting plate, so should you choose to change your vehicle, you do not need to completely replace your system.

Add A Teleco Television to your Teleco Satellite System

Operate your system throught the TV Remote

Change the channel on the TV the antenna will align itself automatically with the right satellite, switch off the TV and they system will automatically lower and switch off.  No need for a separate wall mounted panel.

OPTION - TWIN for 2 receivers



OPTION - TWIN for 2 receivers



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