The ActivSat Smart system enables owners of motorhomes or caravans with limited roof space the opportunity to watch Satellite Television wherever they park.

There are 3 different models available;

  • 85cm Transparent Dish,
  • 65cm Transparent Dish and
  • Square Flat Antenna (53x53cm) 

Just open the Tripod, Fit the motor unit on top, Slide the dish in and connect the cable and you are ready to go, no tools are needed!

It takes just a moment to start the Satellite pointing, either with a Smartphone using bluetooth or by simply pushing a button on the control box inside the motorhome or caravan.

There are 2 modes of searching

Quick Mode- Dish Limited to 120 degree search angle around the southern direction it is originally lined up to using compasss supplied.  This saves 70% of batteries energy

Total Search Mode- Full Search around 360 degrees,  Each time the ActivSat locates the Satellite it's position is stored in its memory for a faster seach next time around.

The ActivSat has 16 Satellite stored in its memory, and features a double antitheft alarm should the cable to the outside unit be severed.

The system is easily stored with 2 strong transport bags, one of the dish and the other for the uint with Tripod and Cable.



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