MotoSat is a semi-automatic satellite antenna system fitted with a 12 volt electric motor controlled with 2 buttons (up/down) that significantly eases the raising and lowering of the antenna and also speeds up the process of aligning the dish.  Also incorporated on the control knob is a 2-figure display that enables you to see when the dish is tilted correctly.  MotoSat also features a microprocessor that can store the last dish tilt setting.


After having set the inclination, just rotate the dish southwards by turning the mast from the middle and adjust the positioning by watching the picture on the screen.



Whats Included

  • Satellite antenna complete with fold down mast and connection cables
  • Universal LNB
  • MotoSat Kit
  • Parabolic Dish
  • A detailed instruction manual

Long Mast 52cm

MotoSat 65:

with dish size 63.5 x 59cm

MotoSat 85:

with dish size 85 x 78cm

Short Mast 33cm

MotoSat SM 65:

with dish size 63.5 x 59cm

MotoSat SM 85:

with dish size 85 x 78cm



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