MotoSat Digimatic

MotoSat is a semi-automatic satellite antenna system fitted with a 12 volt electric motor controlled with 2 buttons (up/down) that significantly eases the raising and lowering of the antenna and also speeds up the process of aligning the dish.  Also incorporated on the control knob is a 2-figure display that enables you to see when the dish is tilted correctly.  MotoSat also features a microprocessor that can store the last dish tilt setting.


After having set the inclination, just rotate the dish southwards by turning the mast from the middle and adjust the positioning by watching the picture on the screen.


What's Included


  • Satellite antenna complete with fold down mast and connection cables
  • Universal LNB
  • DSF90E/HD digital satellite finder
  • MotoSat Kit
  • Parabolic Dish
  • A detailed instruction manual


With MotoSat Digimatic the user can align the dish manually with the Satellite desired in just a few quick and simple steps.  Currently, the biggest difficulty is manually aligning a dish with a satellite broadcasting digital TV signals is the fact that there is a delay before the digital signals are displayed on LCD TV screens, and so the user is forced to carry out the alignment with a very slow movement in order to avoid the risk of going past the required Satellite without realising it.


MotoSat Digimatic is the solution to this problem.  It is equipped with an electronic elevation meter that sends a reading to the display of the actual absolute value of the inclination of the dish, even if the vehicle is not level. The DSF90E/HD that is included indicates (directly) both the elevation and the strength of the signal.  This makes it possible to quickly align this manual dish system with the desired Satellite without the disadvantage of delayed signals.



Step 1

Select the satellite for alignment


Step 2

Raise the dish until the correct elevation is indicated



Step 3

Turn the dish SOUTHWARDS until the DSF90E/HD emits a continuous BEEP sound


Step 4

Wait for the SAT OK LED to illuminate



Step 5

If the alignment has been made to the wrong satellite, the SAT NOT OK LED will illuminate and the dish must be rotated again



Step 6

When the maximum number of LEDs are illuminated on the LEVEl indicator, the dish has been aligned properly



Long Mast 52cm

MotoSat Digimatic 65:

with dish size 63.5 x 59cm

MotoSat Digimatic 85:

with dish size 85 x 78cm


Short Mast 33cm

MotoSat Digimatic SM 65:

with dish size 63.5 x 59cm

MotoSat Digimatic SM85:

with dish size 85 x 78cm



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